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Our method of dehydration starts with hand trimming fresh cuts of quality hand-inspected meat. From there we flash freeze to naturally preserve the nutritional integrity and flavor of each piece of meat.

Once frozen, thin slices are cut, lade gently then dehydrating slowly for up to 24hrs using our dehydrator.

Our specially formulated recipe for our drying removes moisture and allows our treats to retain their raw nutritional qualities while remaining shelf stable. 

Once opened, Jerky and Training Treats should last up to 8 months if stored in the right condition by keeping your Bon Apawtit airtight in a container or resealing the pouch and storing in a cool dry place with no direct sunlight or extreme heat.

For chews, (e.g. Chicken Neck, Chicken Feet, and Pork Ears) once opened, the chews should last up to 1-2 weeks if sealed properly and stored in the right condition. If not stored properly, our all-natural chews will only last 2-5 days.

You may also refrigerate our products for longer shelf-life.

Dehydrated treats can be safely stored at room temperature, but exposure to excessive heat will compromise the integrity and nutritional quality of the treats. Avoid storing dehydrated treats near a heat source. Bon Apawtit treats are made WITHOUT any preservatives, hence, the shorter shelf life.




The best before (BB) date is indicated on the bottom front of the packaging pouch. We mark Bon Apawtit's expiry date in DAY/ MONTH/ YEAR, also at the bottom of the product.

From the time the treats are produced and packaged in our place- while sealed, there is about 12 month for treats/chews until expiry if stored in the right condition. Heat, moisture and light have the biggest impact on Bon Apawtit's shelf life.

To know if moisture or heat has affected your treats, it will begin to soften and possibly enlarge a bit in size on its own. This indication of change tells you that the state of preservation has been compromised and your food may begin the process of deterioration — and depending on the amount of moisture present, the onset of mold and bacteria may occur. Time to toss it in the trash and do not let your dog it eat!


All our treats are homemade. Hence no two pieces are identical even when sliced. However, we guarantee that these irregularities do not compromise our quality in any way.

The general rule of thumb is to eat in moderation. Bon Apawtit are treats and intended as a reward for good behavior and showing love to your doggy. They should not replace your dog’s regular food, or occasional tummy rubs. As yummy as Bon Apawtit's are, your dog should not consume the whole bag all at once. Treats should not make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet. Also, be sure to always supervise your furry friend while they are crunching and munching, and be sure to have a bowl of fresh water available at all times.


You can purchase here in our website then explore products by going to the SHOP page and add the product to your shopping cart. You can review your shopping cart and proceed to click check out. To complete your purchase, simply enter your shipping, billing and payment details, then submit the order.

We are also now available in Shopee and Lazada.

We accept the following mode of payment (to be selected at checkout):


a. All major credit cards via Paypal, without the need to have a Paypal account.

b. Pay with your Paypal account, if you have one

c. Bank deposit/ Online Bank Transfer – BPI and BDO

d. GCash

e. Paymaya

g. COD (Not more than Php2000 worth of order. To know more visit, Terms & Conditions) 


Our website features state-of-the-art security systems to encrypt and protect your payment details, guaranteeing the total security of all transactions. The charge will be in the same currency as the prices you see at checkout (Philippine Peso). The order total includes the total sales amount. You will receive an invoice with the billing details entered at checkout for every order placed on the website. Shipping fee is added upon checkout.

For Bank deposit, our bank information will be provided upon check out and you will receive your official invoice via email. Once you have paid, kindly send us your proof of payment (screenshot, receipt, etc) and wait for us to confirm your payment within 24 hours.

The order will be confirmed when we send the confirmation email to the email address you provided. The email(s) will contain a confirmation and summary of the order in relation to the product such as: product description and the total price of the order and any shipping costs.


We do not stockpile many treats as we try to dehydrate fresh to order. We would prefer that you pre-order 2-3 days in advance for sold out items. However, all products listed available on our website are on-hand and ready to deliver/pick-up/ship. You can always enquire with us as to stock availability. Sometimes, we do dehydrate extras as a buffer.

We ship every Mondays through Saturdays only. All orders made from Saturday 5pm onwards, will be automatically ship on Monday.

Your order will be prepared for shipment after the making of your treats/chews and payment confirmation has been made. We dispatch shipment daily and nationwide (fixed rate for orders below 500g):

  • Greater and Metro Manila - PHP 150
  • Luzon - 180
  • Mindanao - 220
  • Visayas - 200

To track your orders, a tracking number from the courier will be provided as soon as the item has been scheduled for pickup. An automated email or SMS update will be sent out as soon as your parcel is in transit and when it's ready for delivery.

Shipping should take 2-7 working days, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

We have no control over the courier and we acknowledge that couriers may encounter delays in shipment. Should this happen, please let us know via email

*BON APAWTIT will not be liable for any lost or delayed shipping once the parcel has been transferred to the courier.

*For any lost, delayed, or damaged items incurred in shipping, please contact the respective courier for real-time updates.