Family Owned. Pet Focused.

My inspiration for Bon Apawtit began during the height of the pandemic last March 2020, when there were no open stores to purchase dog food and treats. It has forced me to create my own dog meal and treats. Since I have my own control over the ingredients and quality, I decided to make it all-natural. In a matter of months- on June 30, 2020, my new hobby turned into a business.

I believe the love that I have for my dogs is shared directly with your dog as they enjoy every crumb of each delicious treat that we produce. From making the very first Pork Lung Puff available in the country, we've now grown to produce Milk Chew Bars and Organic Selections.
We don't stop here. I've taken and continously taking other canine nutrition courses to help us understand various dog nutrtion needs.

We hope your dogs love their Bon Apawtit Treats as much as Bonbon and his friends do.

Founder, Bon Apawtit

We’ve taken our passion for dogs and developed quality dog treats.


  • Better for you.

    Anyone with a dog knows the importance of treats. Not only are they an invaluable training tool, they also play a huge role in forging a bond between you and your pet. Giving your dog a high-value treat is a display of affection that they really appreciate. Quality treats provide much nutrients making them an enjoyable supplement to your dog’s daily diet.

  • Better for your dog.

    Our products don’t contain the same amount of preservatives, fats and chemicals that commercial store-bought treats contain. This is simply because our products don’t have to sit in bags on store shelves for years, so it contain the freshest and most natural ingredients available. These healthier meat or ingredient/s do more good for your dog’s digestive system, and they also contribute to healthier hearts, teeth, gums and fur.

Quality Sourcing of Supplies

We source our raw meat, fruits, and veggies in the best fresh possible way. We make sure that all meat is freshly culled from our trusted farm partners and that they will deliver the supply to us the same day. 

Cash On Delivery Terms and Conditions

Bon Apawtit is pleased to now offer Cash on Delivery (COD) Nationwide!
COD orders are available for orders above P150 and that do not exceed P3,000.
Place orders at and upon check out you will be prompted to selected payment method. Choose Cash on Delivery (COD).
Yes, but the only valid reason to refuse to receive and pay for a COD order is for wrong product/s or damaged products delivered (ie. orders delivered are not what was actually ordered). In this case, kindly inform the rider of the reason for refusing to receive and pay so that the order can be returned to us quickly for immediate remedying.
Any other reason for refusing a COD order (including false allegations of wrong product/s delivered) will constitute a serious violation of the terms of use of our COD service. Simple change of mind will not be honored. We reserve the right to refuse further services to customers who violate the terms of use of any of our services.
After you have placed your order, we will process your order and once orders are dispatched, we will be sending you an email regarding your tracking details. Our logistics partner, Gogo Xpress will contact you by SMS on the day of the delivery. Kindly reply as soon as possible to facilitate immediate delivery.
In the event that the parcel is undeliverable (where the carrier has made reasonable attempts to deliver the parcel, but it is either refused or no delivery can be made), account will be evaluated and may be barred from placing further COD orders.
  1. Our designated courier shall contact you and give a schedule range what time on the delivery day they will be able to deliver your parcel and collect the payment.
  2. Customers are expected to prepare the amount due for collection at the time of delivery. To facilitate a faster and smoother process, it would be appreciated if consumer could prepare the exact amount needed to be collected; in case that a change would be needed, please advise your local delivery guy to prepare change for a specified amount once they contact you for delivery schedule.
  3. Please note that customer is only allowed to reschedule once of up to a maximum of two (2) business days only. If on the re-scheduled date that payment isn’t ready or in the event of another re-scheduling, your order will be cancelled and will be delivered back to our place.
  4. Once the parcel arrives, the delivery rider are instructed to collect complete payment first before handling over the parcel.
  5. Customer should check parcel for any tampering before accepting the parcel.
  6. Consumer has always the right for refusal. Our package seal should be in-tact at the time of delivery. However, customers are not allowed to open the parcel until payment has been collected and handed over to the delivery guy.
  7. Once payment has been handed over to the delivery guy and parcel has been handed over to consumer, the delivery process is completed and successful. If you find any issue with your order i.e. not as what was ordered, etc., please contact us at or DM us in Instagram, for better assistance. Our delivery service can only assist with the delivery, so in case of issue with your order, let us help you by reaching to our contact details.
We are continuously improving our services and we hope this new payment option will enhance your online buying experience with us even further.

Our environmental commitment.

Since day one, we use honeycomb kraft paper in an effort to reduce single-use plastic like bubble wrap. Our products are made right here in the Philippines, eliminating unnecessary transport emissions.