Available in classic jerkies, gourmet, bite-sized. They are all-natural and has a natural meat smell that will make your dogs drool!

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Chews are beneficial for your canine's gum and dental health. The gnawing and chewing on these treats naturally remove tartar build-up and plaque. It even help ease teething puppy's discomfort and boredom.

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Available as a meal sprinkles for adding extra flavor to your dog's food to entice them to eat more. Can also provide extra nutrients from bones and lean muscle meat.

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Organic Selections

All livestock from our Organic Selections is fed with 100% organically produced materials that our local farm partners self-produce/made. These animals are also raised without the use of synthetic or antibiotic hormones. They’re also exposed to the outdoors and pasture so they can freely roam around which gives them more space to exercise resulting in leaner meat and less fat to name a few.

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We make wide variety of treats, chews, and toppers from different animal proteins. We also offer our very own Gourmet Treats and Milk Chew Bars. All products are handcrafted in our commercial kitchen and made with a mission of providing tasty nutritious treats for the benefit of our furry friend.

To maintain freshness, we don't stockpile our products, we guarantee that all treats and chews will be made not more than 3 months from your date of purchase.🤗

  • Mindful Ingredients

    We offer wide variey of treats, chews, and toppers according to your pet's need. Single-Ingredient for the meat and limited ingredients you can trust for Milk Chew Bars and Gourmet Treats.

  • All-natural

    Our limited and single ingredient products are as simple as buying raw beef at the butcher shop or fresh veggies. It's simply one ingredient or fresh farm produce . Be it beef, chicken or milk and fruits with nothing else added. Absolutely NO preservatives, additives, salt, and grains.

  • Slowly Dehydrated

    Our treats and chews are prepared by dehydrating raw meat/seafood/milk/

    veggies/fruits. Therefore our method of preparation allows us to preserve the natural flavors and nutrients. Even a small treat may provide more essential nutrients to your dog.

  • Farm Fresh Sourcing

    We are committed to the highest quality sourcing and production processes in our commissary. Our products are freshly culled from our trusted farmers before delivering to us on the same day.

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